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9436 W Steger Road, Frankfort, Illinois

Join us and experience the magic of

The Ranch!

Step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the serenity of our 20-acre ranch. We invite you to come and experience the world around you in a way that you never have before. Our ranch is a haven for people of all ages who are seeking to reconnect with nature and rediscover the beauty of life.

With the prevalence of technology and the fast-paced nature of our lives, it's easy to forget what it truly means to be present in the moment. Our ranch offers a unique opportunity to step away from the screens and distractions and experience the world firsthand.

Our facilities are perfectly equipped to cater to a wide range of activities and events, including clinics, group outings, and more. Our goal is to provide a welcoming environment where everyone can come and enjoy the beauty of our property and the company of like-minded individuals.

So why not take a break from your routine and come explore our ranch? We guarantee that you'll leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and with a newfound appreciation for the world around you.

Equestrian Events

Clinics, Trainings & Educational

Premier Ranch to showcase your perfect clinic, show or equine event with heated indoor and outdoor arenas for your participants.

Corporate Events

Experience the Power of Equine Assisted Learning with Corporate Events: Where Business Meets the Great Outdoors.

Classes for Everyone

Join us for art classes, meditation, equine assisted learning or therapy. We can also customize a class specifically for your group.

Host Your Perfect Event

Whether you're planning a wedding, shower, retirement party or corporate event, or any other special occasion we offer top-notch facilities suitable for any type of event.

Therapeutic Wellness & Retreats

Specialized and tailored to fit your needs as an individual, couple, group or family.

Ranch Ambassador Program

Volunteer to help make a difference on The Ranch. Helping with clean up, set up and coordination of events. Building a future for tomorrow. Sponsored by Coping Together

(501 C 3).

The Healing Center at The Ranch

People Toasting Wine Glasses
Woman in Session with a Psychologist

Equine Assisted Therapy

The Healing Center provides Individual and Group Equine Assisted Therapy using the Eagala Method. All work is done on the ground there is no riding involved. Providing services for Children, Adolescents & Adults.

Woman in Session with a Psychologist

Individual Therapy

With a licensed clinical professional counselor at The Ranch.

This can be done with or without equine animals.

Mental Health

Counseling Services

The Healing Center provides individual, couples, family and group therapy. We also have locations in Orland Park and New Lenox. Pediatric and Adult Clinic Locations.

Coping Together at The Ranch

501 (c) (3)

Equine Assisted Therapy

Coping Together participants can engage individually or in a group. All work is done on the ground and there is no riding involved. A mental health therapist and equine specialist facilitate the groups.

Day Outings

School field trips for developmental or behavioral participants. Residential and Day Program Outings with equine groups, art and craft activities and nature experiences.

Individual or Group Therapy

Through DHS and HBS we can provide services under the medicaid waiver. Offering services in the State of Illinois. Connecting with CILA's and Day Programs to provide ABA and mental health counseling.

Choosing Therapy at The Ranch

The Healing Center for Behavioral Health is proud to offer equine therapy using the EAGALA method at The Ranch in Frankfort, IL. This unique mental health treatment program is provided by licensed mental health counselors and equine specialists who are trained and certified in equine therapy.

Equine therapy using the EAGALA method is a powerful tool for individuals who are struggling with mental health issues. The program at The Ranch allows clients to interact with horses on the ground in a safe and supportive environment, which provides a unique and effective way to explore emotions and behaviors. The Healing Center's equine therapy program at The Ranch is designed to help clients develop social skills, improve emotional regulation, and increase self-esteem and self-awareness. The program is tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, and the licensed mental health counselors work closely with the equine specialists to ensure that each session is safe and effective.

The program at The Ranch is suitable for individuals of all ages who are struggling with a range of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health disorders. The program is especially beneficial for individuals who have difficulty expressing their emotions or who may be resistant to traditional office talk therapy. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues. Contact The Healing Center for Behavioral Health today at 815-570-9303 to learn more about our services and how we can help you. Click Here for More Info

Equine Therapy using the EAGALA Method:

An Effective Treatment for Children, Adolescents and Adults

Equine therapy is a form of therapy that involves interactions between individuals and horses to promote emotional growth and mental health. The EAGALA method is a type of equine therapy that focuses on ground-based interactions with horses. This method has been proven to be an effective treatment for children, adolescents, and adults who are struggling with mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, and trauma.

How Equine Therapy Works

Equine therapy using the EAGALA method involves several steps. During the initial session, the therapist, client, and horse(s) will meet and begin to establish a relationship. The therapist will observe the client's interactions with the horse(s) and use them as a basis for discussion and exploration in subsequent sessions. The focus of the therapy is on the client's experience in the moment, rather than on the horse's behavior or training.

Benefits of Equine Therapy

Equine therapy can be helpful for individuals of all ages who are struggling with a variety of mental health issues. Studies have shown that equine therapy can be an effective treatment for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health disorders. In addition, equine therapy can help individuals develop social skills, improve emotional regulation, and increase self-esteem and self-awareness.

Working with Clients in Equine Therapy

Counselors who work with clients in equine therapy using the EAGALA method should be trained and certified in this type of therapy. They should work closely with the horse(s) and client to establish a safe and supportive environment for therapy. Counselors may use a variety of techniques, such as mindfulness exercises and role-playing, to help clients explore their feelings and behaviors in relation to the horses.


- American Psychological Association. (2018). The power of equine therapy. https://www.apa.org/monitor/2018/02/equine-therapy

- EAGALA. (n.d.). About EAGALA. https://www.eagala.org/about

- Fine, A. H. (2010). Handbook on animal-assisted therapy: Theoretical foundations and guidelines for practice (3rd ed.). Elsevier.

Equine therapy using the EAGALA method can be a powerful tool for individuals who are struggling with mental health issues. By working with a trained and certified counselor, clients can develop a deeper understanding of their emotions and behaviors, build important social skills, and increase their self-esteem and self-awareness.

Private Therapeutic Wellness Retreats

Experience a Personalized Program

Designed Just for You

Our private retreats are tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of individuals, couples, families, and groups. Our team consists of licensed medical professionals, medical doctor, clinical therapists along with equine specialists, nutritionists, personal chef, wellness coaches, and other health professionals as we work together to create a unique and personalized experience to meet your needs while experiencing equine therapy. Whether you're working through grief, trauma, burnout, anxiety, or simply seeking to reconnect with yourself or loved ones, we have a program designed just for you.

If you are interested in this tailored and personalized experience and would like to schedule a consultation to see how our wellness retreats can help you, please contact Shelley Skas, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor,

at 708-740-5678.

All medical staff is licensed in the State of Illinois. Your experience is private and personalized to your needs. Our facility provides you with individualized attention and becomes your haven. The Ranch's private fee retreat is based on the program that is specifically designed and created especially for you.

Corporate Events

The Ranch in Frankfort, Illinois offers a wide variety of private equine groups for corporate events, each tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses. These equine-based programs are designed to promote teamwork, communication, and leadership skills, all while providing a fun and interactive experience for participants. All groups are on the ground and there is no riding involved.

One of the equine groups offered at The Ranch is called "Equine Assisted Team Building." This program focuses on developing teamwork and leadership skills through a series of interactive exercises with horses. Participants will work together to complete various challenges and tasks that require effective communication, problem-solving, and trust-building. Through this experience, teams will learn to rely on each other's strengths and build a stronger sense of camaraderie.

Another equine group offered at The Ranch is called "Equine Assisted Personal Development." This program is designed to help participants develop their emotional intelligence and self-awareness through interactions with horses. Participants will learn how to manage their emotions, communicate effectively, and build a stronger sense of self-confidence. This program can be particularly helpful for employees who struggle with stress, anxiety or burnout as it provides a unique opportunity to connect with animals and nature.

In addition to these equine groups, The Ranch also offers customized programs for businesses looking for a more tailored experience. These programs can be designed to meet specific goals or objectives, and can include a variety of equine-based activities such as horsemanship, grooming, and care.

Participating in equine groups at The Ranch can be incredibly beneficial for businesses. By engaging in these activities, employees can develop important skills such as effective communication, collaboration, and leadership. These skills can then be applied back in the workplace, leading to improved productivity, higher job satisfaction, and a stronger sense of teamwork. Additionally, equine-based programs can help reduce stress and anxiety, leading to a more positive and productive work environment.

Overall, The Ranch in Frankfort, Illinois offers a range of equine groups for corporate events that can provide a unique and impactful experience for businesses. Whether it's through team building exercises or personal development programs, these equine activities can help employees build important skills and improve their overall well-being, leading to a more successful and harmonious workplace.

The Ranch


Wild horses
Group of Horseback Riders

Praire Art Studio

Michelle Stanley

Professional artist and teacher at Praire Art Studio.

We are excited to have Michelle provide classes at The Ranch!

Art Workshop

Our philosophy is that EVERYONE can learn to draw and there is always room to improve. We offer a relaxed and supportive environment where students of all levels can explore their creativity through realistic drawing.

Art Camp & Classes

Classes starting soon at the Ranch!

Equestrian Events

Clinics, Trainings and Educational Programs

Entrepreneur Program

Indoor / Outdoor

The fee amounts to 50% of the total event program/class fee.

This is an excellent option for trainers, educators and professionals who wish to minimize their financial risk while organizing an event or class. Our aim is to support the community by assisting individuals in achieving their life goals.

Traditional Program

Indoor Arena

Per hour $150.00 up to 4 riders

(each additional rider is $20.00)

Flat rate 5 - 8 hours $650.00

Monday - Thursday $650.00 each day

Friday - Sunday $1000.00 each day

Outdoor Arena

Per hour $100 up to 4 riders

((each additional rider is $20.00)

Flat Rate 5-8 hours $450.00

Monday - Thursday $450 each day

Friday - Sunday $600 each day

Stall Info

Hall in $25

Stall with tack locker $40.00

Bedding $5.00

Discounts apply to bardnominium and Recreational Room rental if also renting equestrian arenas.

Host Your Perfect Event

If you are considering renting our venue for your upcoming event, please get in touch with Chris Swarens at Special Occasion Services (SOS) by calling 708-785-6635. SOS specializes in providing rental services for your special event and would be happy to assist you.

Special Occasion Services

Event Organizer

Chris Swarens


SOS Specializes in:

Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, Baby Showers, Cocktail Parties, Corporate Events, Anniversaries, Baptisms, Bar Mitzvahs,

Fund Raisers

Woman Working in the Office


Staff, Servers, Bartenders, Rentals, Tents, Tables, Chairs, Linens, Catering, Casual, Elegant, Buffet, Entertainment, DJ, Guitarists, Bands

More About Our Facility

100 x 250′ luxury heated indoor arena

350 x 350 Outdoor Arena with night lighting

Specialized rubber footing to keep your horses safe

Rubber Pavers in stall aisle-way

Spacious & luxurious 24-stall barn

Two heated wash racks with hot water

Three Grooming stalls

All weather sand turnouts

Private lockers available

Seven 1+ acre grass turnout paddocks

Tours contact: 708-740-5678

Passionate about helping others

Smiling young lady with glasses in office

Shelley Skas

Founder and CEO

Sebastian Gierasinski

Chief Financial Officer

Ariana Cerecedes

Head of Equestrian Facility

Christine O'Brien

Program Officer for Counseling

Pat O'Malley

Program Officer for ABA

Make a difference

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